City Steam And The Brew Ha Ha Present: Tim Krompier - Headlines The Broadway Comedy Club

Fri, Aug 18, 2017
Sat, Aug 19, 2017

City Steam And The Brew Ha Ha Present: Tim Krompier - Headlines The Broadway Comedy Club

with Katie Hannigan and Joe Giarratano

Tim Krompier’s comedy is like a delicious meat dip-

a layer of autobiographical wit on the bottom, coated with physically charged character work, and scrumptiously topped with aging frat boy self deprecation.

If you don’t like Tim at least you know what to have for dinner.

Having headlined in comedy clubs, theatres, and showcases across the country, and with weekly spots in New York City and Long Island Tim Krompier has blossomed into a stand-up comedy maven. Tim’s journey to two-drink minimum glory and sold-out shows is an unlikely one, having only been ten short years since he made his income as a break-dancer, professional party emcee, and entertainment industry lothario.

Having attended community college out of high school, Tim realized he couldn't sit still for long enough to study and also has terrible penmanship. He took a job as a dancer and emcee for a deejay company, and quickly became the hottest ticket on the Bar Mitzvah, Wedding, and Prom circuit. He single handedly cornered the market on Irish guys that can dance the Hora and do the Electric Slide. His years of practice opened the door for him professionally as a hip-hop and break-dancer in music videos, commercials, and corporate parties.

In the late ‘90s, having realized Tim’s quick wit and off-the-cuff humor, a friend in the music industry hooked him up with a company that writes and produces comedic programming for radio stations across the country. Tim soon started doing freelance writing and character voiceovers for radio stations across the land.

Life was good until a car accident in 2003 left Tim unable to dance but with the time and passion to pursue writing full-time and finally get on stage and make fun of his interesting journey through life. Since then, Tim became a staff-writer for United Stations Radio Networks, where he creates daily humorous program outlines that are used by syndicated stations across the country. People from New York to Los Angeles now get to get to hear Tim’s comedy voiceovers on everything from Jersey Shore fist pumping to married golfers who love sexting their mistresses. Tim headlines at clubs across the US and Canada and continues to be in high demand for private and corporate events.

Katie Hannigan

Features at Carolines and the Broadway Comedy club

Joe Giarratano

Joe Giarratano is a NYC based comic climbing the ranks at an average to moderate speed. He can be seen just about every night at comedy clubs around NYC - performing 1-2 nights a week and attempting to mooch 5 minute spots the other 5-6 nights. When not telling jokes, he likes to work out and run, but eats so much damn cheese it's pretty much a status quo situation so don't expect a 6-pack ladies.

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