City Steam And The Brew Ha Ha Present: Tim Kidd - Regular on Sirius Radio

Fri, Sep 22, 2017
Sat, Sep 23, 2017

City Steam And The Brew Ha Ha Present: Tim Kidd - Regular on Sirius Radio

with Tom Whiteley and Matt Barry

The Brew HaHa welcomes "The Vanilla Thrilla!"

From Louisville, Kentucky comes the charming hooligan,Tim Kidd. Easily described as a monkey with ADHD, who needs his Ritalin. A nonconformist through most of his youth, Tim's tumultuous relationship with authority developed early on. Tim's childlike exuberance and high octane fueled stage presence delivers a fast paced record of his life from an exceptionally funny point of view. A crowd favorite that is as unpredictable, as he is hilarious. Always on the edge but never vulgar. A powerhouse on stage with his quick wit, edgy material, and a unique outlook on life that makes every show feel like a rock concert! Now comedies best kept secret intends to flood the world with his upbeat, twisted brand of hilarity! Tim Kidd is the embodiment of everyone's imaginary friend,
except this time he's all grown-up.

Tom Whiteley

You don't have to like football to love "The Coach," comedian Tom Whiteley's rasp-voiced, bug-eyed other self. Outfitted in Knute Rockne-era garb, Whiteley scores laugh after laugh with his carefully crafted monologues and high-adrenaline performance. Wildly unique, consistently funny, Whiteley is the special comedian audiences will remember for the rest of their lives.

"The Coach" has been featured on television's ESPN and Good Morning America (ABC).

Tom Whiteley has appeared at many of the nation's best comedy venues such as New York City's famous Dangerfield's, Atlantic City's prestigious Borgata Hotel, Pittsburgh's Funny Bone, Baltimore's Comedy Factory Outlet and Jacksonville's Comedy Zone. He has also performed at Maine's Bates College, New York's St. John's University and Connecticut's Trinity College.

Whiteley has "opened" for comedian Joe Piscipo and the musical group The Drifters ("Save the Last Dance for Me").

Matt Barry

Matt Barry is one of New England’s fastest rising stars in comedy. A mischievous, post-grad stoner, Matt’s act centers around a transition into adulthood he isn’t ready to make. Applying to jobs, rolling joints, and living with his parents – it’s all part of Matt’s everyday struggle to grow up.

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