City Steam And The Brew HaHa Present: Max Dolcelli-Headlines Dangerfields, Recently on HBO

Fri, Apr 27, 2018
Sat, Apr 28, 2018

City Steam And The Brew HaHa Present: Max Dolcelli-Headlines Dangerfields, Recently on HBO

with Troy Alan and Jessica Collazo

Max Dolcelli has appeared just about everywhere and done just about everything a comedian can do, performing in comedy clubs and comedy festivals in the U.S. and Canada, casinos and clubs in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and the Bahamas, at corporate events and on cruise ships, and on television and radio.

After nearly 30 years of making people laugh, Max has the experience and repertoire to deliver the kind of show people want, whether it's clean comedy for a corporate, private or other event, or a more risqué, late-night comedy club style.

No matter what the type of show, Max's animated onstage presence and sharp material get the audience on board for a wild ride.

If you've seen or heard Max, you know how funny the guy is.
If you haven't, why not find out . . .

Troy Alan

Troy is a NYC-based comedian, who can be seen at clubs all over the city. His comedy is a mixture of sophistication and puerility. Troy is sometimes humane, other times completely insensitive...but always entertaining. Recently, Troy's work was featured on Laughs on Fox and Joke of the Week in Time Out New York. In addition, Troy has performed in the Laughing Devil Comedy Festival, Jersey Shore ComedyFest, and he hosted the entire 2013 Laughing Devil Cup.Troy is also a contributing writer on The Scrib and Elite Daily, neither of which pay much, which makes it easier for him to apply for "economic hardship deferments" on his $125,000 of student loan debt.Troy produces a popular weekly comedy show every Thursday at the Beauty Bar on the the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Jessica Collazo

Jessica Collazo is not your average female comedian. Her unique sense of humor stems from her politically incorrect family, friends, and crazy jobs. She has been a vocalist since age 10 and the lead singer of a rock band since age 17. With her musical talent, she rocks the stage with hilarious song parodies, but tries to use her tattoos and "bad girl" image to hide her unhealthy obsession with kittens. Jessica has performed at all the major comedy clubs on Long Island and has been featured in comedy venues and colleges all over the the east coast. She has successfully produced several shows in NYC and Long Island, including the all female comedy show known as, "Girls, Uninterrupted." She has performed with sketch and improv groups, currently runs a weekly open mic, and was featured in Newsday and The Metro Newspaper.