The Brew HA HA Comedy Club at City Steam Brewery Presents: Kevin Downey JR.

Fri, Nov 2, 2018
Sat, Nov 3, 2018

The Brew HA HA Comedy Club at City Steam Brewery Presents: Kevin Downey JR.

with Jessica Collazo and Stacey Prussman

Comedian, columnist Kevin Downey, Jr. has been recently labeled, “refreshingly bizarre” by fellow comedian Joe Mulligan. Kevin headlined small rooms all over the U.S. and enjoyed a “cult” following, (that means only 28 people dug him), until his frequent and on-going bookings at the Comedy Stop at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, which has brought him to a new level of notoriety. Kevin now works “A” clubs everywhere, and to larger and larger audiences. The Early Years- Whereas most comedians will lie about where they grew up in an effort to gain, “street creds”, comedian, columnist and all around swell guy Kevin Downey, Jr. actually did grow up in Detroit MI. He made his TV debut at age 6 on CKLW’s, “The Bozo Show” where he won a hockey stick, a 12-pack of Orange Crush and some Tootsie Rolls playing, “The Bug Game”. Like all kids in Detroit Kevin attempted to play ice hockey, but his first and only season was cut short when the coach realized Kevin was too small to skate while wearing all the gear, thus clearing the way for Wayne Gretzky to top Gordie Howe’s achievements. Bright Lights burnin' Gonna set your Soul on Fire- Kevin moved to New York City looking for fame and fortune. He instantly landed a, “part” at Macy’s Santa land as an elf, (some call it the longest running show on Broadway). Kevin was decimated to learn all elves were fired after the Christmas Eve shift. Shortly thereafter Kevin went to his first comedy show at New York’s Comic Strip Live and realized his calling, though it would be three years until he had the stones to get on stage himself. Money for nothing and your chicks for free Today Kevin is headlining clubs everywhere in the U.S. He can be heard on The Bob and Tom Show, Sirius and XM Satellite radio regularly. He’s been on Comedy Central, What Not to Wear, and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy where he got a much needed haircut. Kevin appears at the Comedy Stop at the Trop in Las Vegas at least four times per year. He has an ever-growing fan base that comes to see him again and again. He writes a column called, “Drinking on $11 a Night”, which can be read in Bachelor Pad Magazine, GC magazine, at and Kevin’s song, “Secret Garden of Dirty Little Whores, (who think they’re better than me)”, can be heard on college and traditional radio stations throughout the country. He has a nationally released DVD called, "I'm not Gay, but Dont Stop" which can be found on Amazon and Netflix Kevin is not related to Robert Downey, Jr.

Jessica Collazo

Jessica Collazo is not your average female comedian. Her unique sense of humor stems from her politically incorrect family, friends, and crazy jobs. She has been a vocalist since age 10 and the lead singer of a rock band since age 17. With her musical talent, she rocks the stage with hilarious song parodies, but tries to use her tattoos and "bad girl" image to hide her unhealthy obsession with kittens. Jessica has performed at all the major comedy clubs on Long Island and has been featured in comedy venues and colleges all over the the east coast. She has successfully produced several shows in NYC and Long Island, including the all female comedy show known as, "Girls, Uninterrupted." She has performed with sketch and improv groups, currently runs a weekly open mic, and was featured in Newsday and The Metro Newspaper.

Stacey Prussman

Stacey Prussman is an uninhibited, native New Yorker that has become a major player in the comedy circuit after years of working professionally in theater, television and film. Stacey was well known for the lead role of Dori in the hit Off-Broadway show Grandma Sylvia's Funeral. She has recently filmed a TV pilot with A & E and well as The Stacey Prussman show with Sparkway Productions. Stacey's numerous appearances on The Howard Stern Radio Show and the E! channel built her quite a following. She has been a guest on several XM/Sirius radio shows as well as co-hosted a show on

Stacey has been headlining clubs and colleges throughout the United States and Canada. Her unique stories combined with brutal honesty and infectious energy has kept audiences laughing.

Stacey's jokes have been published in Judy Brown's books Squeaky Clean and Love's Funny that Way, and in Jeffrey Gurian's book Filthy Funny and Totally Offensive. She was also quoted in Rosemarie Jarski's Book "Words From The Wise, 6000 of the Smartest Things Ever Said". While not performing, Stacey is saving homeless animals and speaking at colleges motivating students to take care of their bodies and the environment.