The Brew HaHa Comedy Club at City Steam Brewery Present: Jamie Mattern, Leah Bonnema & Howie Mason

Fri, Dec 28, 2018
Sat, Dec 29, 2018

The Brew HaHa Comedy Club at City Steam Brewery Present: Jamie Mattern, Leah Bonnema & Howie Mason

with Howie Mason and Leah Bonnema

At once confrontational and classic, Maddog Mattern is like the lovechild of the Beastie Boys and Don Rickles. The New York-based comic free-associates rapid-fire jokes based on the audience and the environment, all the while dropping Rat Pack slang and names of long-dead sports hall of famers. No two performances are alike.

Before he started headlining New York’s best comedy clubs, touring the country with the One Mic Comedy Tour and the Ronnie Mund Block Party, and appearing on a weekly sports argument show on MSG called “The Bracket,” Maddog was a young comedian trying to get Las Vegas barflies to listen to him. “People there don’t care about what you’re saying,” he says. “They’re too busy pissing away their rent and meth money on video poker.”

While he may have honed his style shouting over slot machines, Maddog is no mere insult comic. In fact, he’s been called a compliment comic. While that’s not entirely true either, he almost always takes the unexpected route to a joke. “Other comics tell me what I do is weird and wrong and not real comedy,” he says. The laughs beg to differ.

Media has always been a big part of Maddog’s life, and none more than the sports almanac his grandfather brought home one day. Young Maddog memorized it. “I had plenty of years of not getting laid and not having any friends,” he explains. When he visited “The Artie Lange Show,” Lange the two had no shortage of sports stories and trivia to riff on.

On television and radio, Maddog’s wit achieves its full potential. Instead of just the fans in front of him, he has the world, the whole absurd celebrity culture to lampoon. The famous can’t hide in the back rows like his more timid fans. Still, there’s just something akin to a punk rock show about seeing Maddog in person. There’s a thrill in unpredictability, a certain joy in feeling a little unsafe. If you think that sounds like it would invite heckling, you’d be wrong.

Going into a performance with Maddog, Shuli Egar recently told an interviewer, “He’s our pit bull. We send Maddog out there and he lets pretty much everybody know there’s only going to be one guy talking, and he’s holding a mic.”

Howie Mason

Howie Mason is an extremely talented and well respected Connecticut based stand-up comedian. He makes his way to the home office to chat with Ken about the early days of his stand-up comedy career, where his career is at now, the art of playing different types of rooms and more.

Leah Bonnema

Leah Bonnema is a stand-up comic based in New York City. She’s been featured on AXS

TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, IFC’s Comedy Crib, TruTV’s Comedy Knockout, Elite Daily’s Schlep and Why It’s Ok To Be A Single Girl On Valentine’s Day, Broadway Video’s The Henkle Factor with Michael Che, Vh1’s 100 Greatest series, VProud’s You’re Not Crazy and is a regular on SiriusXM Radio. Huffington Post named her one of their Favorite Female Comedians and she was on The America Stands Up Showcase at The International Glasgow Comedy Festival. Bonnema has had the honor of performing with the USO overseas, touring with Lizz Winstead’s Lady Parts Justice League and has been featured in The New York Comedy Festival, The Women in Comedy Festival, Politicon, The Maine Comedy Festival, 360 Comedy Festival, The Piccolo Fringe, Laughing Skull Fest, The Charleston Comedy Festival, Bumbershoot, AfroPunkFest and at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC for The District of Comedy Festival. Bonnema has been a freelance comedy writer for United Stations Radio, Lizz Winstead’s Lady Parts Justice, Huffington Post’s Celebs Have Issues series and was a contributing writer for Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street. She has had two solo shows in NYC, Always with the Heart & Never with the Brain directed by Karen Sommers at The BMCC Theater and Wake Up and Yell at Me which had three runs at The PIT. Solving Leah, a half hour comedic detective series that Bonnema wrote, starred in and produced with Frankenmel Films, was an *Official Selection* of The 2017 New York Television Festival and The 2018 Portland Film Festival. Bonnema was delighted to be a part of Mark Altman’s staged performance of The Voyage Home for the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek at The Javits Center and she performed the closing monologue for A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant and a Prayer at The Manhattan Theater for V-Day. The NY Times said Bonnema is “one of the city’s most consistently excellent young comics” and The Scotsman called her “A force of nature.” Bonnema hails from Maine and received her degree in With Honors from McGill University. She’s a member of EMILY’s List Creative Council and is currently writing MissConduct, a dark comedy that was showcased at The 2018 New York Television Festival Red Arrow Pitch series. You can find Bonnema performing almost every night of the week at top NYC venues Gotham Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, West Side Comedy Club, Comic Strip Live, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Stand Up NY and UCB. She loves animals, mystery novels and Gandalf.